Waiver Programs


Nursing Home Transition and Diversion


  • For patients transitioning from facility to community living
  • Must be active Medicaid recipients
  • Must be eligible for nursing facility level of care determined by a screening tool
  • Must have a safe living arrangement that will meets patients need
  • Must have proof of funds
  • Must not participate in another HCBS waive


Traumatic Brain Injury


  • This program is for members with a traumatic brain injury and is designed to be a cost-effective alternative to nursing home placement which enables the participants to live in the least restrictive setting possible. The TBI waiver philosophy is to provide complete freedom of choice.
  • Eligibility:
  • Must be a Medicaid recipient.
  • Diagnosed with TBI or other type of brain injury, such as stroke, anoxia, etc.
  • Must be 18-64 years old.
  • Must be eligible for a nursing facility level of care (determined by UAS)
  • Must choose to live in the community rather than in a nursing facility.
  • Can identify a safe living arrangement that will meet their needs.
  • Can be supported safely within the community with the funds and services available under the HCBS/TBI Waiver
  • Not participate in another HCBS waiver

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